Comicbook Review: “Moses” by Art Ayris and Danny Bulanadi


Summary: The book is about how God used Moses to deliver His chosen nation, Israel from Egypt’s bondage by showing how powerful He is by sending plagues. Plague after plague, God blast the gods of Egypt. It covers also the birth, the rise to power, flight out of Eygpt and calling of Moses to lead his people out of oppression.

Cover Art: Danny Bulanadi’s artwork is solid on this one but I’m not a fan of this cover. The creative team could have go for the burning bush or Moses turning the river into blood to give more drama. The “Moses” logo is lit. Love the way they use the tablets of the 10 Commandments as the “M” of the name Moses. Cleverly done!

Storytelling: Ayris gives a written introduction before the reader dives on the comic. He gives some overview of who Moses is and where he fits in history. He adds a bit of what to expect on the story of Moses. He starts the story from the last part of Genesis to remind the readers that this is an ongoing story. Of course this is not a word for word comic on Exodus, so expect some extra biblical dialogue that adds tensions on the story. Some of which are bits of apologetics and some are just for giving emphasis to which I enjoyed all throughout. The book ends with the children of Israel coming out of Egypt. Ayris also included a written apologetic epilogue concerning the 10 plagues of Egypt.

Artwork: Danny Bulanadi’s art is old school, 70’s or 80’s style that fits for swords and sorcery comics (Conan the Barbarian) and horror genres (like old stuff from DC). So it a great match for him to do a period and Bible times stuff. His two page spreads here on some monumental events of the story are astounding. Be sure to stare and wonder at it before moving on. He can highlight some mundane moments here and turn into a stunner. There are a bit of anti-climatic (specially the end part) if you keenly spot it but it’s forgivable because of what he has delivered entirely on this comic. The artwork and story compliments each other from start to finish.

Coloring:  The color works here in this comic do bring the art of Bulanadi. As I have noted, Bulanadi’s artwork is old school and putting the latest style of coloring puts his art into the next level.

Whoa! Moments: Watch out fore these and be floored either by the artwork or the dialogue.

Artworks by page or panel: 7, 11, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 ,29, 30

Dialogues or narrations by page or panel: page 19, panel 4; page 37, panel 2&3; page 17, panel 1; 

My verdict: 

Moses is a good read that the narrative and artwork are complimenting each other. If you want to read the biblical account of the early part of Exodus in an illustrated format, this one is a good choice

4 out of 5

Get your copy of this comic here.

(Kingstone Comics provided a digital copy for this review)

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