A List of Christian FB Pages That Creates Awesome Infographics!

Infographics are not just eye candies but it conveys a message that you can grasp in a glance. It helps easily digest ideas and concepts that a bunch of words can’t do. I love inforgraphics not only does it aids me to quickly learn something but it’s also a great opportunity to see some creativity and artworks.

This maybe a short list but I would like to give you readers opportunity to add your favorites here. Just fire it away on the comment section. Now here’s the list I hope you’ll enjoy:

Wesley Huff  – Canadian apologist Wesley Huff is writer, researcher, speaker and specializing in evangelism apologetics and interfaith dialogue. He extends some of his stuff specially infograhics over his FB Page. He also shares some quote cards and his upcoming FB live sessions through digital posters.

Christ is the Cure – A podcast for Christian theology that discusses discipleship, growth, apologetics, and general theology. Basically, some of their great graphics here are connected with their podcast so if you want to get to know more about the infographic, better listen to their superb podcast.

Kyle Lucido Reads– Want to get into reading? Well meet Kyle Lucido and he’s here to help! From book reviews, quote cards and a whole lot of goodies, Kyle Lucido Reads really utilized infographics for visitors and followers of his page.

Red Pen Logic with Mr. B – This is an extension of the Youtube channel by Tim Barnett (or Mr. B) of Stand to Reason.  They put fun on apologetics as Mr. B corrects tweets, memes and post with logic and biblical answers with his magical red pen. 

Provoked to Proclaim– The FB page owner, Marci Morris’ mission is to “expose popular false teachings that are coming into the church. I have a passion and desire to equip women to dig deeper into the word of God so that they can discern the difference between truth and half-truths.” You might also like here quote cards that are plenty on this FB page.

Facebook Pages and infographics can be a match made in heaven. It’s accessible without going out of Facebook and messages can easily be grasp. It can go viral too…

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