Pinoy Christian Youtuber List #2


Hello! It’s a new month and another list of Christian Youtubers! If you like video content other than sermons, seminars or conferences, this list is for you. This may not be a list of messages, nevertheless these vloggers are out to give you godly and worthy content. If you mist the previous list better click here. If your looking for sermons or preachers check the blog’s Pinoy Preacher List series. To add some kick to this list, I’ll include a video as a sampler to what to expect to these Youtubers.  Hey the list is waiting. Let’s dive in!

Schooled by Christ – The aim of their channel is to ” creates videos that inspire and aid Christians to become competently educated from the standpoint of a biblical world-and-life view that enables them to dialogue with the ideas of men and live life more purposefully, faithfully, and intelligently.” The contents and animations are great and you’ll learn alot from this channel.



Tagalog Hymns – Pinoy Christians wants to sing hymn but some can’t understand yhe meaning of what they are singing because of the archaic words. This project’s goal is translated hymns in Tagalog so that more people in the Philippines can learn more and understand and sing more hymns in our native tongue. There are tons of Filipino translated hymns already here for a three year old channel.



Faith Library PH – This is just a new channel with a few videos (as of this writing). But the content are solid and biblical. If you want theological conversations, kick back and watch videos from this channel.


Do you know other vloggers?  Do you want them to be include to this list?  If a vlogger is a Filipino and holds to a Reformed or Calvinistic theology, you can suggest it to this blog by e-mailing the name and Youtube channel link to this address:

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