Book Review: “When Narcissism Comes to Church” by Chuck DeGroat


Ever wonder what’s behind the some alarming scandals of churches that you read or watch over the news? What causes some pastors, church leaders and celebrity Christians down fall? How about the stories that didn’t make the news on the abuse of members? These can be sometimes traced from a behavior that cause erosions to the personality of those who we fully trust and least suspect to cause abuse. When Narcissism Come to Church highlights these from a veteran couselor perspective and diagnose the symptoms behind narcissism.

A word of warning though: don’t read this book unprepared! DeGroat dissects the subject with precision and as he  expose this disorder you’ll go deep in the dark labyrinth of a narcissist.   You’ wont believe what you’ll about to read because Christians, of all people, are involved. So think twice on picking up this book. But for those who really wants to go to this dark subject, you’re in for a well researched volume from start to finish.

Having to probe to the mind and behavior of a narcissist in different levels, can leave you weary. I don’t think you can binge read this book but be on a slow pace to absorb the content.

When Narcissism Come to Church is a sobering primer for Christians who needs to understand narcissism and its devastating effects to the pastoral ministry as well as the church. It shows you the ugly reality that might be lurking behind the church. In his 20 years experience as a counselor, DeGroat encapsulates it in this book.  As I have said this is just a primer although the author covered alot. This book doesnt promise to give a solution but points you out to them. DeGroat leaves the reader to the true healing from narcissism through seeking professional help and repentance. This might be a dark book nevertheless this is a much needed book for counselors and elders alike.

My verdict:

4.5 out of 5

Purchase the book by clicking here.

(Review copy of this book was provided by Inter Varsity Press.)

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