Book Review: “Parenting Essentials” by Andreas & Margaret Köstenberger


If you think the name Andreas Kostenberger,  is a bit daunting with this book, because of the books he previously wrote ( Going Deep in New Testament Greek, The Heresy of Orthodoxy, Invitation to Biblical Interpretation), well that’s what I felt when I got this book. To be honest, I haven’t read anything from this author.  However, I want to challenge myself. Knowing Kostenberger’s caliber, I should brace myself on reading this book that at first I thought it was written in an scholarly ivory tower. It turns out, as I take start reading, it is as if the book was written in a living room or perhaps at the porch. What I mean to say is that this short book is down to earth and very accessible. Nothing so daunting in this book.

We all need some good advice specially when it comes to family matters. We know who we should consult as believer.  Folks who had years experience is on our list. So should having a biblical and practical insight, is one who we need to sought out. If Parenting Essential is a home, Andreas and Margaret  home is open for us. The Kostenbergers are warmly inviting us to come and sit down for a conversation.  Whether is about raising kids, choosing a spouse, sending the to college, homeschooling as an option or even their social media habits, Parenting Essential covers them all and more.

Parenting Essential is a balanced between a conference worthy material, Bible study and a warm conversations. How it goes down to this book is exceptional that it wont overwhelm you with loads of information. I love how each chapter were sandwiched with a Scripture study and guided questions. Also if you want to recall what were covered, in every chapter there is a summary. These features in the book are not cramming the message of the author. Rather it will strengthen the book. Another thing I like in this book are the advice the Kostenbergers are giving are realistic and no vagueness in it.  Plus you get the glimpse of their family life which is very interesting. These elements further strengthen this brief book.

Parenting Essentials is a slim volume that is arranged, well thought-out and wisdom filled book on parenting.  The topics that covers every phase of your children’s life are treated best and you’ll love exploring it with your partner and apply it practically. If you want something solid, don’t forget to get this book. Highly recommended.

My verdict:

5 out of 5

Purchase the book by clicking here.

(Review copy of this book was provided by Christian Focus Publication)

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