8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “Unbreakable” by Andrew Wilson


Fresh from my monthly staycation this is my first post. Really glad to have a 3 day break and had a digital planning and a bit of writing on the side.

Anyways, enjoy these quotes from the book, Unbreakable by Andrew Wilson published by 10 Publishing. If you like these quotes, please get the book by clicking here.

“Writing a history of Jesus without any miracles would be like writing a history of Churchill without any wars.”

“When you get into conversations about the Bible, you find that the biggest challenges for most people are not over issues where the Bible is unclear, but over issues where the Bible is very clear, and people don’t like it.”

“When we read the Scriptures, Jesus is the centrepiece. He’s the one the photographer was trying to capture. We’re there too, in the background, and we can appreciate that and give thanks for it. But the Bible isn’t about you. It’s about him.”

“If you read the Bible as if it’s mainly about Israel, or mainly about you, it’s like reading it with a cold heart and your eyes shut. When you discover it’s mainly about Jesus, and God’s purpose for the nations through him, your heart catches fire and your eyes are opened.”

“Ultimately, you see, our trust in the Bible stems from our trust in Jesus Christ: the man who is God, the King of the world, the crucified, risen and exalted rescuer.”

“The unbreakability of Scripture is foundational, both for Jesus and for the Judeans he’s talking to: since God has spoken through Scripture, then any argument that leads to the conclusion that Scripture is broken in some way, no matter how convincing it sounds, must be wrong.”

“Many important ideas are not taught clearly until a fair way through the story – we call that progressive revelation – including resurrection, the Trinity, the priesthood of Christ, and so on. But the later bits don’t contradict the earlier bits, any more than the fourth floor of a house contradicts the foundation it’s built on. Scripture, when you get to know it properly and think about it carefully, is coherent.”

“The Bible writers, if you like, are the instruments of revelation – a trumpet here, an oboe there, a saxophone here – and they all make different sounds. But the musician, the skilled artist who fills them all with his breath and ensures the tune is played correctly, is the Holy Spirit. That’s kind of how inspiration works.”

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