Book Review: “Bumps, Babies and the Gospel” by Sarah Dargue


I’m glad to know of a book that doesn’t just dive to the nitty-gritty of parenting but promise to prepare your heart on this chapter of a married couple. It might let you peek on some scary stuff of parenthood but gives you assurance and comfort that your not alone. The Scriptures may not have in mind the topic of preparing for parenting, but it has loads of principles soon to be parents can look up to. Bumps, Babies and the Gospel from 10 Publishing got you covered.

Yes the basic idea of this book is on preparing would be parents by equipping their with truths from the Scriptures.  Sarah Dargue wrote this book in an approachable and light reading vibe. She grounds this book on the book of Colossians which intrigued me on how it will unfold as I read the book.

The opening salvo of the book is strong and promising. It’s delightful read. It got me from a few chapters. There are some great highlights here and there, but as you finish the book you might feel that something is a bit lacking.

Bumps, Babies and the Gospel lacks illustrations that will connect to the readers and to the principles it drew out of Colossians. I enjoyed how the author discussing passages from that book of the Bible. Nevertheless because of the it leaves the book completely “souless” to what the book is trying to say. It’s a short book and that another advantage to it that people won’t get overwelmed and won’t eat away their time. The book could have invest more in personal stories. The guided questions at the end of the chapter doesn’t even help the book drive the lessons it’s trying to deliver.

Bumps, Babies and the Gospel anchors itself to a good biblical principles discussion. However, when it comes to the practical application, I can’t find a connection. The treatment of the book of Colossians is good and I have no qualms about it. That alone merits this book.

My verdict:

4 out of 5

(Review copy of this book was provided by 10 Publishing.)

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