8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “Parenting Essentials” by Andreas & Margaret Köstenberger


This post is  my last parenting book to read and oh my, I really learn great stuff from those two books. Haven’t read something like these for awhile and really glad I did.

Anyways, enjoy these quotes from the book, Parenting Essentials  by Andreas and Margaret Köstenberger published by Christian Focus Publication. If you like these quotes, please get the book by clicking here.

“As a Christian, keep in mind that your children are bearing the image of God and reflect His glory to the extent that they honor Him with their lives. Your mission as parents, to a significant extent, is therefore to help your children realize that at the very heart of their life’s purpose is to glorify God as the unique individuals He has created them to be.” 

“God is the source or origin of every family that exists, and parents, in procreation, enter spiritually into experiencing what it means to be creator.”

“Parenting, rightly understood, is mission. In fact, it’s part of God’s mission for the world, and specifically for you and your spouse. In bringing children into this world and in raising them to love and serve God, you are part of God’s mission.”

“Why is education so important to us? We believe that it provides a solid foundation for a lifetime of contributing to God’s world and to God’s mission. We also believe that education elevates a person by imparting knowledge and expertise in a field of study and, beyond this, teaches critical thinking and research skills that they can apply to every area of life. “

“The tech-wise family will use technology in its proper place. Social media can be a remarkable tool but shouldn’t be an idol or be taken lightly. Help your child to find their identity in Christ, not through social media and approval they find in it—intensely seeking photo-ops to present themselves in a certain light, ‘likes’ and comments on their posts, etc. Instead, let’s extol the preeminent role of spirituality and character in dealing with social media. And let’s remember: Character matters—it always does.”

“It’s particularly vital to stress the importance of developing good study habits and a solid work ethic while our children are young because it is at this stage that they’ll form habits that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.”

“Equipping children to make wise decisions and instilling in them a sense of integrity and responsibility will be the capstone for them to live out their ultimate true fulfilment in Christ.”

“Be there for your child. Cultivate a growing, trusting relationship with him. Love him—biblically defined—and be his friend. There’ll inevitably be rough and challenging times, but if you’re fully engaged—which takes time, lots of it—you’ll be able to help him make it through and teach him abiding lessons along the way. This, in turn, will build character and equip your child to grow in his ability to make wise, well-informed, and balanced decisions. “

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