8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “A Place Like Heaven” by Samuel Miller


I was hesitant to post quotes from this booklet that it might spoil the content. I already wrote a review on this book and it made to my 2019 best reads. A friend who is beginning to read Reformed books is considering to read a large volume on the Canons of Dort that I have to share the link of the review. Also it revived the idea to include some of my favorite quotes to further help someone looking for a resource about that momumental event. So here it is, finally after a year.

Anyways, here’s some quotes from the book, A Place Like Heaven by Samuel Miller published by Log College Press . If you like these quotes, please get the book by clicking here.

“…the Synod of Dort had, undoubtedly, a species of importance peculiar to itself, and altogether pre-eminent. It was not merely a meeting of the select divines of a single nation, but a convention of the Calvinistic world, to bear testimony against a rising and obtrusive error; to settle a question in which all the Reformed Churches of Europe had an immediate and deep interest. “

“It was fondly hoped by many that when Arminius died, the controversy to which his speculation had given rise, would have died and been buried with him. But this, unhappily, by no means, proved to be the case.”

“The Synod examined the Arminian tenets; condemned them as unscriptural, pestilential errors; and pronounced those who held and published them to be enemies of the faith of the Belgic churches, and corrupters of the true religion. “

“Many wise and excellent men have been of the opinion that Arminian principles, when traced out to their natural and unavoidable consequences, lead to an invasion of the essential attributes of God, and, of course, to blank and cheerless atheism. “

“Perhaps it may be said, that no theological system was ever more grossly misrepresented, or more foully or unjustly vilified than that which is commonly called Calvinism; but which had been drawn from the word of God, and preached by some of the best men that ever lived, many hundreds of years before Calvin was born.”

“Do not the allegations that God is not omnipotent; that he is not omniscient; that he is not acting upon an eternal and settled plan; that his purposes, instead of being eternal, are all formed in time; and instead of being immutable, are all liable to be altered every day, and are, in fact, altered by the changing will of his creatures; that there is no certainty of his predictions and promises ever being fulfilled, because he can neither foresee nor control future contingencies; that it is his express design to save all men alike, while yet it is certain that all will not be saved; that he purposes as much, and does as much for those who perish, as for those who are saved; but is, after all, baffled and disappointed in his hopes concerning them; that he is certain of nothing, because he has determined on nothing, positively, and, if he had, is not able to do all his pleasure – do not such allegations fill every thinking mind with horror? Are they not equally contrary to Scripture, to reason, and to all the hopes and consolations of the pious?”

“It had been originally intended that this Synod should be formed of delegates from the Belgic churches only; but at the pointed request of James I, king of England, seconded, at his suggestion, by Maurice, prince of Orange, it was determined to invite eminent divines from foreign churches to sit and vote in the Synod. “

“If there be a God who is endowed with perfect foreknowledge, and who is, and always has been, acting upon a plan, of which he knows the end from the beginning – and there is such a Being, or there is no God – then all the difficulty which lies against the doctrine of sovereign, unconditional predetermination, lies equally, and in all its unmitigated force, against the doctrine of foreknowledge and certain futurition, in any form that can be imagined; and all the shocking consequences with which they charge Calvinism, are quite as legitimately chargeable against any and every scheme, short of Atheism, which may be embraced to get rid of them.”

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