8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “Unleash the Word” by Karen Soole


Last Sunday we had a simultaneous worship service. Members who can attend physically at church was able to listen (audio only) to the livestream of our pastor as well as those who can’t, they watched his sermon at home. So we started 9:30 AM not the usual 8:30. Thanks to a sister who was able to go out with her son and travel to the city. She set up the equipment so we can have our worship service. Thank God it went smoothly.

Anyways, here’s some quotes from the book, Unleash the Word by Karen Soole published by 10 Publishing. If you like these quotes, please get the book by clicking here.

“Our Bible studies can be a place where we help one another to dwell richly in the Word and begin to teach and admonish one another.”

“The dynamic nature of group Bible study is its strength; God’s Word is being taught in a relational way.”

“Bible study groups are a rich mixture of people with their own experiences and perspectives, and the joy of small-group study is that together we can sharpen each other’s understanding so we get to grips with what God is actually saying rather than impose our perspectives on it.”

“The aim of Bible study is not necessarily to get everyone to give the ‘right answer’ or arrive at the same place, but it is to help everyone – whether they begin with a good understanding or are a long way off – move closer to the truth of God’s revealed Word.”

“Reading a passage aloud is very helpful because its very nature forces us to slow down and make decisions about meaning through intonations. Often when we read aloud we notice that we have placed the emphasis in the wrong place; this is because reading aloud engages our sense of hearing and helps us identify patterns, the flow of the passage and repeated words and ideas, and it can also help us hear where the punchline is.”

“We need to spend time meditating on the implications of the truths that we discover without reducing the truth to a simple rule to follow. God’s Word is so much more profound than that.”

“In practice the Bible is easily reduced to a few simple applications that are always true: fear God and worship Him alone; repent and believe; be holy and evangelise. These are drawn out in various ways and include teaching on meditating on the Word, prayer, worship, loving God, loving others, living as church, family responsibilities and participating in society. But despite all of this the Bible is mostly about God. The more we read it, the more we plunge into the depths of who God is and how He acts.”

“We live in a time of quick fixes and instant gratification, and want to see change every week, but God’s concern is to bring people to eternity. What matters is giving our group members the foundation that they need to stand firm until that day when they see their Lord face to face.”

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