Book Review: “Our Good Crisis” by Jonathan K. Dodson


We look at The Beatitudes as golde rule for Christians to live by. We have read on books about it or listen to it as a sermon. Sometimes we put those words of Jesus on the pedestal either look at and admire how lovely those words are. Some put it on the pedestal and let it’s stay there. We manage to let the most important sermon get lost because of we tend to find it mere pretty words or irrelevant in our times.


However, we dont usual go for it as an antidote to present social ill. We never look at it as an answer to gender fluidity, social media outrage or anything to what this society is going through. Yet  in Our Good Crisis,  with a superb blend of personal stories and biblical insights leads us clarity of what lead us here, what the future holds for us and what can God’s Word do about it. Every Beatitudes corresponds to certain ills of our society and finds its cure from the words of Jesus.  It feels like Dodson updated The Beatitudes  for this generation, to fit relevant events that shapes our culture. Pastor Dodson gave us a tremendous encouragement for the contemporary crisis. We could find great Bible passages on answering the ills of our times but having it in one

The truth is, as Dodson points us to the Beatitudes, we look through the lense and see that the message of Jesus crosses time, culture and space. Dodson shows how much these words from Jesus is so important and vital for our inner crisis that builds up a bigger crisis that leaks to our society. This book is not on its way of bashing folks in our culture but give a balm called the Beatitudes that will sooth our sinful hearts. As you go through the book, you can see how Dodson balance controversial issues with sensitivity and the upward call to come to God.

Our Good Crisis is the book for the #MeToo movement. Accessible, well written and insightful, never has it been the applying of the Scripture is much needed in our chaotic times. This book definitely is spot on.  Jonathan Dodson answers this generation biblically, intelligently and compassionately. He handles the Scripture with a fresh prespective that really can make a difference in our times. Highly recommended!

My verdict:

5 out of 5

(Review copy of this book was provided by InterVarsity Press)

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