5 Reasons Why Christians Should Not Share Copy/Paste Post on Facebook


Have you seen friends posting on their wall, a long response to the latest issue only to find out in the end of status, it’s a copy/paste post? Copy/paste post are pre-made opinionated response on Facebook that are pass along by a friend from another friend with uncomfirmable source. It’s making rounds in Facebook because it’s easy to share without typing their own response to the issue. It presents a relatable content that Facebook users find it irresistible not to share.

However, this kind of scheme earns a red flag because of it potential harm in the social media landscape. We already have fake news and troll armies, and copy/paste post has a possibility to wreck havoc. So here’s five reasons why we should not share this kind of content.

We might fall victims to trolls and propaganda makers- You might like the copy/paste post because of its bold, smart, convincing and winsome content but that doesn’t mean that it came from a reliable or credible source. The copy/paste post might be convincing because that’s how effective the troll is in doing his job. Either they are paid or just plain fanatic, sharing things just because of it’s appeal, noble sounding or affirmly supports your view, is dangerous. If you don’t want to give trolls a field day, think twice in sharing questionable copy/paste post. Think also, that if your can spot a fake news then please don’t share a copy/paste post.

We despise critical thinking- This doesn’t mean those people that share copy/paste post in Facebook do not think. What I’m after is critical thinking, which means, that we use our own God given minds to make our own response rather than a pre-made post for an issue. Critical thinking takes time because it looks every angle of the issue. It means setting aside our biases. It appeals to our Christian worldview and God’s Word for righteous judgment of the matter. Pausing to stop and think it through is important to either response critically or not to post at all. Copy/paste response makes that easy. Rather than stop and think of the outcome of our actions, we immediately share this anonymous post.  When we click the share button, it’s game over for us.

We extinguish the accountability of the original source of the post- In the advent of social media, one of the thing that is vanishing is holding people accountable of their actions or in the case of copy/paste post, words. We just dont think about the implications of what a message can do from someone behind the keyboard. We just let them get away with their exploits. We just dont think the effects of something that we just share on social media. As we share these copy/paste posts we lift out the accountability of the one who first shared it. Sometimes copy/paste post doesn’t include the the original post or the person who is primary source. Words matter because of the effect of it to us and other people who might read it. Once it gets viral, it can blow out of proportion.  That’s why it should matter to us the person were the post came first.  We can scrutinize and question the person who gave those words. We can raise a red flag to these kind of person with shady motives. Then Facebook can easily take down the content and block this person.

 We should know that copy/paste is like sharing fake news….and worse- Fake news are news posing as real news when it’s not. Copy/paste posts are opinions posing as real opinions when it’s not. Both copy/paste post and fake news are deceptive. However, copy/paste post are more alluring because it’s message is wrap in a “personal touch” manner. People may already know fake news are bad and easily dismiss some post because of that reason.  Also because of our default mistrust with news, we don’t share these news (even if it’s a legit news). But when it comes to these pre-made post, we eagerly accepts it because it came from a person we know. We get attracted to opinionated and “fighting for truth” folks that seems to give sense to what is happening. But in truth someone is feeding them content that are unhealthy.

We might miss the opportunity to let our biblical view shine through if we favor copy/paste post – As we honor God through making use of our minds in critical thinking, we shouldn’t let a copy/paste post spoil the opportunity to be salt and light as a believer. The pre-made post might make sense however it may not be biblically righteous. It may resemble a pragmatic answer, approach or method that secular thinking has but a Spirit giving, Christ centered answer that will glorify God and edify fellow believers is what we need to give. We need to be different! That takes time because need to think it over, weight the matter and look at the Bible. If there are no direct answer or its a gray area, from it we need to employ godly and wise decisions.

So my fellow believers, in this age of social media when one click can make an impact, please consider what you share on Facebook and what content you are feeding on.

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