8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “How Do I Love Church Members With Different Politics?” by Jonathan Leeman & Andy Naselli


We now have the manuscript for the Tagalog translation of John Piper’s book Coronavirus and Christ. In the few days it will be available for free download. Meanwhile, the Tagalog audiobook will start recording next week. Again keep us in your prayers.

Anyways, here’s some quotes from the booklet from a new series, How Do I Love Church Members With Different Politics? by Jonathan Leeman and Andy Naselli published by Crossway. If you like these quotes, please get the book by clicking here.

“Love those who differ with you by respecting them, not disdaining them. Don’t assume that anyone who is stricter than you is legalistic or that anyone who is freer than you is licentious. When you are convinced that a certain political strategy is just, you may be tempted to treat it as a matter of first importance, but that would be a grave mistake because it would imply that those who disagree with you on that issue cannot be Christians.”

“Too often we fail to realize how our political conversations as Christians should be different than the political conversations of non-Christians. Non-Christians can tell you exactly what they think. Christians can too, but the crucial difference is that Christians can also tell you—on some political topics—what God thinks.”

“The very existence of a local church, whose job is to mark who the Christians are on Planet Earth, requires us to have one set of criteria for whole-church issues and another set for everything else. It requires us to distinguish between straight-line and jagged-line judgments.”

“…we are saying you must keep this distinction between whole-church issues and Christian-freedom issues super clear in your mind when it comes to discussing politics. When Christians lose track of the distinction, they risk tearing apart a friendship, a small group, even a church.”

“Two Christians might agree on a biblical or theological principle but disagree on which policies, methods, tactics, or timing best uphold that principle. Why, then, are political disagreements so difficult? Because we lack wisdom!”

“Political judgments depend on figuring out how to apply our biblical and ethical principles to the vast and complex set of circumstances that surround every political decision. They account for social dynamics, legal precedents, political feasibility, historical factors, economic projections, ethnic tensions, criminal-justice considerations, and so much more.”

“…life and politics are not static, and with every passing day we need a fresh dose of wisdom because the political landscape keeps changing. Christians will have different opinions all along the way.”

“The gospel does not automatically resolve all our wisdom-based political judgments in the here and now. It helps us love and forbear with one another amid those different wisdom-based judgments. It creates unity amid diversity, not uniformity.”

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