Book Review: “Conspiracy Theory” by Doug Van Dorn


Reading a book about conspiracy theory in the midst of the pandemic might be weird for some. However, when you open your Facebook, scroll a bit and you’ll see some stuff that are made for X-Files or The Twilight Zone?  Conspiracy theory didn’t take a day off in a world fighting against a virus. Instead they are having a field day into our favorite social media. I’m glad that an author, in the midst of the pandemic (which might be weird for some) wrote something to keep people sane about it and offers biblical insights on handling conspiracy theory.

From the book cover and interior design you might dismiss that the author is into UFO or X-Files (or you might hear it’s theme as you read the book) . However, Conspiracy Theory by Douglas Van Dorn, is not a book just trying to dazzle you with aesthetics of the book but lacks content. You might be concern that this book maybe full of conspiracy stuff that will turn you off. Well its not.  The content here is really really good. I don’t know if there is another book out in the market that has this kind of subject, but  you can’t go wrong in picking up Conspiracy Theory.

Van Dorn in his latest book, helps us get navigate the jungle of confusion on conspiracy theory bring us up to see and appreciate the forest. This book gets to the matter by giving out valuable examples, insights, great research without leading the readers to the rabbit hole of the controversial topic. The clarity and the smooth flow of the book makes a good combination of learning the subject and sticking till the end of the book.

I love the latter chapters Evaluating Conspiracy Theories and Remaining Sane in A World of Conspiracies which is the heart of the book. These chapters are helpful to Christians who wants to engage with conspiracy theories without losing their soul.

Conspiracy Theory  is an engaging, well balanced and fascinating read about a sticky yet controversial subject from an unlikely author. This short book is an excellent primer for those who are interested in learning about conspiracy theory and how Christian should deal with it.  You’ll put down this book not as an alarmist or apathetic about it, but a Christian armed with wisdom about the topic. If this is your first time reading a Doug Van Dorn book, this isn’t gonna be your last.

My verdict:

4.5 out of 5

(Review copy of this book was provided by the author himself)

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