8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “Conspiracy Theory” by Doug Van Dorn


In the few days, the Tagalog version of Coronavirus and Christ written by John Piper will be release for free distribution. The members of the translation team are all excited to share this resource for the Filipino church. Kindly continue to pray for us as we start doing the audiobook version.

Anyways, here’s some quotes from the book, Conspiracy Theory by Doug Van Dorn published by Waters of Creation Publishing. If you like these quotes, please download the book by clicking here.

“The ultimate conspiracy of men is to try to somehow overturn the Father’s rule through the Lord Jesus Christ.”

“We learn that often times, especially when a conspiracy theory seems to put oneself at the center of harm’s way, it is often caused not by someone else, but by oneself. We learn that it is easy to become entangled in an increasingly dark and sinister world of collusion and sedition where everyone is out to get
you. We learn that our minds start to more easily listen to anything that will reinforce our already delusional beliefs. In short, we learn about some of the true dangers that can be associated
with conspiracy theories.”

“When considering conspiracy theories, think about its scientific plausibility. Consider its coherence, its circularity, its falsifiability. Be careful. Use your brain.
Keep thinking. Always ask questions, especially if you are convinced it is true. In doing this, you will be on solid footing and there will be no legitimate way someone could call you crazy.”

“Understanding that no one is perfectly neutral and that we all have biases is a good place to start. And that is nothing to be ashamed of, either. If you hold a view, be proud of it. Tell others about it. Then, if you are trying to think through two sides of an issue, set it aside for a moment, try to take the other side seriously, try to understand what it is saying, and learn to be objective.”

“Faith is an outward looking. It is a taking our eyes off of ourselves. That means it is also a taking our eyes off of the conspiracy theories. Looking outward and upward means you are no longer looking inward or downward or horizontally at the world.”

“This is the power of conspiracy theories. They can distort and twist everything, to the point where even God himself is not off limits. Furthermore, they can create great confusion for generations to come.”

“It is dangerous to be so committed to a theory that no one holding the opposite view could ever prove it false to your satisfaction.”

“The way to help someone entertaining a conspiracy theory against God and his Christ is not to shut them down. The solution is to engage them where they are. It can also be as helpful for you
as them when you begin thinking about these things anew, putting on a new pair of glasses, and to beginning thinking about others before ourselves. In this way, we will do to others as we want them to do to us, which is the Golden Rule, after all. “


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