Book Review: “Where is God in A Coronavirus World?” by John Lennox

i1mfulp This pandemic has caused alot anxiety for people. Many are driven inside their homes for weeks. Locked with them are fears, doubts and questions. What will happen if me and my family gets this deadly virus? When will this pandemic end? Some also might ask spiritual questions. Is this virus judgment for our sin? Why is this world full of pain and suffering? Where is God and what is He doing to take this COVID19? Thank God there are Christians who heed the call of God to give answers from His Word. One of those resources is this book from John Lennox, Where is God in A Coronavirus World?

This latest release by Oxford mathematician and Christian apologist John Lennox, attempts to answer the question: Where is God in the pandemic? There are plenty of things he wants to hit in this book and I was excited to dive into.

The earlier part of the book, Lennox presents his case as he dissect the topic and defining things. This appealed to me on because he is about to go on detective mode.  However when I got to the part of the book about free will, for me it was a letdown. As Lennox finish off his book he is walking on egg shells as he suddenly became cautious in mentioning sovereignty.  But he manage to give some good points for Christianity by throwing the usual answers an evidentialist would do. He adds some C. S. Lewis in the mix to help glue his arguments (and as a added content). It’s not that I’m against evidential apologetics, but I cant read convictions as he lays down these reasonable answers in believing in Christianity. I can see also in this book that while he is a good apologist, he lacks the pastoral care that could be a good combination to comfort both mind and heart of the reader.

Where is God in A Coronavirus World? is a fine read and that you can find valid arguments in believing God, the existence of evil etc,. However, the book is all over the place and lacks of conviction.  I think the brevity of the book is the reason and Lennox writing hurriedly to give Christians resources relevant to the pandemic. If only he could have elaborated and expanded more of his points, the book might have more strength. Then again, you can go and look for other titles from the author to have a more elaborate treatment of the subject.

My verdict:

3 out of 5

(Review copy of this book is provided by The Good Book Company)

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