Book Review: Pray Big by Alistair Begg


God is pleased with a praying believer. That’s a fundamental truth. It should bring a believer joy because not only that God is listening to our prayer, He is also pleased when we pray. There is no question that whatever prayer we bring to God, He will give His attention. But is there a specific prayer God wants us to pray? Of course, we are not here to discover a prayer that is much like casting a spell or some sort of code, once prayed, God will gladly obliged. Our aim is to further please Him and in the process bless us.

In Pray Big, Alistair Begg  encourages us in these pages to pray a more profound prayer from this beloved apostle. While Begg doesn’t discount other prayers specially those personal ones,   Pray Big demonstrates a prayer what is more needed that will bring a much more blessing to us, to others and glorify God. He starts by showing the Christian on the relationship he has with God and the benefits of being in union with our Creator. That is the jump off point to which this book further unleashes the prayer most needed to be on the lips of every believer.

This is not an epic read with all dramatic and moving stuff. It’s a plain excursion through one prayer of the apostle to the Gentiles that reminds us the big prayer we should meditate and pray. But that doesn’t mean that the simplicity of book means less. It does make room for awe and praise for God who wants us to pray the prayer that matters to Him. It’s plain but it’s what prayers should be . It’s simple but it’s essential. Definitely, Begg is spot on here when it comes to prayer.

Pray Big is a short easy read with a simple message, that is to desire to pray as Paul did for the believers in Ephesus. Simple yet we would likely to forget that these words. Begg’s book help us so we will keep it in mind. Paul’s prayer being moved by the Holy Spirit is essential for us in the Christian life. So start praying like an apostle today!

My verdict:

4 out of 5

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Pray Big by Alistair Begg

  1. Maybe I have an inkling of what this book is about, because I have listened to his sermon series on the book of Ephesians. Nagbigay siya, sa pagkaalala ko, ng attention dun sa point na nag-pray siya for the believers that their understanding be enlightened, etc.

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