Superhero Movies Has (Moral) Issues


Thanos infamous snap in Infinity War launched people not just to awe to the visuals and narrative, but also questions his motives to wipe out 50 % of all the living beings in the universe. Rarely a film would do that specially a superhero movie.

If youre a Marvel fan and followed the MCU over the decade it seems that we just go to the norm in watching a movie. We go to the movies, buy the ticket, sit down, munch our popcorn,leave feeling great and anticipating the next movie of this saga. We admire Captain America and Ironman. We got divided on which side we will go to (in the movie Civil War). And how about the sacrifice of Ironman as he takes the gauntlet and snaps back everything Thanos took away in the finale of the saga that is Avengers: Endgame.

We don’t just leave our movie houses and forget what we have watched. We bring it to our homes, to our life and to our family. We talk about it over dinner or in our coffee breaks at the office. We talk how the good story is and stunning visual effects. But there is something that we should ponder beyond that. The moral aspects of the movie. Thanos came not just to bring terror to the big screen. He came to make us think of morality. Pondering the moral issues of our superhero movies is pondering our very depth of our being. The one that has an eternal imprint.

Superhero movies matter because it shows us what reality is. Of course, it’s impossible to see aliens crashing on earth saved by his parents from the destruction of their planet. Nor we can find a Norse god who wields a hammer. The moral essence of these movies shows the reality we live in. It goes beyond the creators, the screen writers, directors and to the movie geeks. We might not admit it, it’s one of the reason why we watch it. The heroism and it’s an inescapable fact that we live on that reality. Any other way will plunge you to absurdity. These are more than some plot holes in the movie. We share something in ourselves with this movies.

Years ago I enjoyed reading this website that list down superheroes and their respective believes. You can read some of our beloved heroes are pagan, nominal Catholics and atheist.  Superman is a Christian, according to this website and it’s no brainer that his convictions shaped him. What shaped him is what affects what he’s decisions and actions are when engaging the world. Whether you’re a Christian, Buddhist or atheist, you have this lens that you use to look at the world. We call that a worldview. However, there lots of worldview out there but we should ask,what’s is the worldview that is compatible to the reality we are into? Moreover, the worldview that is compatible to this world would eventually answer ultimate questions about life.

As I ‘m writing this, the teaser trailer for the Black Widow and Wonder Woman’s 1984 dropped. Both female superhero movies that will grace the silver screens on 2020. One is a former Russian spy who left to side with good. Another is a goddess who want to use her powers for humanity. Again we are facing isssues of morality. Why would Black Widow leave her former organization to do what’s right? Should we be concern if Wonder Woman will just be indifferent with the issues of humanity and stay in her island? That would’nt be a good movie. It will be a recipe for a blockbuster flop. More than that, we won’t consider them SUPERHEROES if they do the contrary. Should superheroes be good or do selfish acts? Of course, but why? This is more than what society, culture, media or values we hold on. It’s were we anchor the very beliefs we have. How do we justify these fictional characters behavior without anchoring it to a standard beyond ourselves?

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