8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “True Friendship” by Vaughan Roberts


Yesterday, I lead our youth small group to cultivate their awareness with our persecuted brethren. Our activity was to write a letter of encouragement for these Christians who are undergoing trials. We wrote letters to two Chinese pastors currently in prison, a Nigerian mother and parents of the Chibok girls. I hope and pray that these letters will strengthen the spirits of these persecuted believer and our youth will open their hearts to fellow Christians who are suffering. Would you include that in your prayers?

Anyways, here’s Vaughan Roberts book True Friendshippublished by 10 of Those.  If you like these quotes, please get yourself a copy of this book by ordering at Amazon or at the 10 of Those website. Book review of this book is coming soon.

“Healthy Christian marriages do not have an exclusively inward focus, but are fuelled by looking up to Christ and strengthened by looking out to others, both to give and receive.”

“God’s plan of salvation is designed not only to restore our vertical relationship with God, but also to create horizontal relationships of loving friendship between human beings in his family.”

“The theme of friendship takes us right to the heart of the Bible’s message. God is relational.”

“The fundamental relationship in our life must be with the one true God, the sovereign Creator. The Bible insists that true wisdom begins when we ‘fear’ him: recognizing who he is and what he has done for us in Christ, and then responding with a worshipful, trusting submission. “

“Marriage is the exclusive, covenantal commitment of a man and a woman for life. The Bible teaches that sexual intercourse, which is designed to express and strengthen that covenant, should only take place in that context. Friendship should not seek to copy marriage by either demanding exclusive commitment or containing sexual expression. We are free to develop deep friendships, which can be a great blessing, as long as these boundaries are not crossed. “

“If we are hoping to marry we should be looking, above all, not for the perfect partner for romantic dates, but for a friend who can travel with us through all of life. For Christians, that must therefore mean someone who is on the same path, seeking to follow Christ.”

“Our Facebook profile might tell us that we have 464 friends, but how many really know us? How many would we be willing to make real sacrifices for? How many are there on whom we can rely in times of need? “

“We too can be friends of God, not because of any innate worthiness in us, but because of Christ’s death for us on the cross. “

By the way, to my Pinoy friends, do you want to learn how to self-publish your book? Here’s a step by step video from Loida Bauto, an AVM survivor and a PWD vlogger:

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