Book Review: Will You Be My Facebook Friend? by Tim Chester


I came to know this book late and there are lots of changes in the social media landscape that I believe that wont accomodate thid book in the discussion of social media and the gospel. But I’m glad it got updated and with that it had an appeal to me to read it.

Before you grab this book (or should I say booklet), let me say two things:

One, dont be fooled by the title. It’s not a light hearted “How To” book on using social media as a Christian. Far from it. It’s an examination on the effects of social media and why it undermines our view of self, others, the gospel and God. If youre not in to that kind of thing, don’t get this book. However if you really care about the state of spirituality soaked in social media frenzy, pick this up.

Two, don’t be fooled on how brief this book. It didn’t cover all about social media in light of the gospel but it does deliver some good points for Christians to ponder. It’s enough to drive a believer to be awaken by the message it wants to send. Get a big book with the same theme, peel out the extras and squeeze out the essentials and you’ll get this book. If you dont have time to read books on the same topic, Wil You Be My Facebook Friend?, will give you readily accessible and quick read.

Between 2013 and 2018 there are lots of things that has changed in social media. Like what I have said earlier, I’m glad they revised this book. Some of it were mention in this booklet in tidbits not comprehensively because of the brevity of it. Nevertheless this is a good primer for people who want to grasps how social media and the gospel meet in the crossroad of the Christian life. Getting this book will give you a quarter or half start when you want to access another book with the same subject.

My verdict:

4 out of 5

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