8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “Rooted” by Edward Rhodes


Hey happy Monday and belated Happy Father’s Day to all dads reading this. We had a blast yesterday as we celebrate the Lord’s Day and Father’s Day. All the dads in our church was recognized and were given some gifts.  We are so thankful for the church who annual recognized the dads and to God for giving us an opportunity to be a father and a husband.

Anyways, here are 8 favorite quotes from Edward Rhodes book Rooted, published by 10 Publishing. If you like these quotes, please get yourself a copy of this book by clicking to 10 Publishing or Amazon link.

‘Justification through faith alone’ became the watchword of the Reformation and the teaching which most set Protestants (as they became known) apart from Catholics.”

“Christian belief doesn’t involve sidelining your brain, as some allege, but instead can involve hard thinking, especially about matters which are controversial or cause disunity.”

“Grace is not simply God’s pardon but also God’s power and God’s presence.”

“Athanasius writes that God himself, not wanting humanity to perish, has himself become a human being in Jesus Christ, in order to reunite us with God and thus with eternal life.”

“The church is first and foremost a worshipping community. If then we want to understand the early church, it makes sense for us to pause for a while and take a look at their worship.”

“Being thoroughly rooted in the past helps us, I believe, to stand stronger in the present, to know who we are and what we are about, even in the midst of great change.”

“For the early church, becoming a Christian meant starting to live a totally new life, no longer focused on yourself but centred on serving God and others.”

“If God is essentially unselfish love, if God loves us so much as to become one of us and suffer for our sakes, then what sort of people should we be? What sort of love for God and for other people should we have?”

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