Whatever Happened to Truth?


If we are truly biblical and discerning, we can easily see the sad state of the local church. But now no one wants to be a Berean. No one wants to be noble. We believe in the truth, but not enough to uphold and protect it for the church.

We value silence as the greatest virtue of the Christian in the 21st century, over being vocal on biblical truth. The call for tolerance is not a secular thing exclusive to homosexual or same sex marriage advocates, it’s also alive and well in the church. Our open rebuke (Proverbs 27:5) is considered hate speech in the church.

Discernment only applies to Christians in other groups or denominations whether it’s the pope saying something heretical or the latest scam of the prosperity gospel movement, but not inside our churches. It doesn’t apply to us especially to our church leaders. Actually we have our own brand of popery and prosperity gospel growing in our backyard. Yet we remain silent because we don’t want to point it out because being biblical is out of fashion.

Anti-intellectualism over critical thinking is spreading around the church. Critical thinking is what cults considered an attack to their group or to the leader, is now being upheld in the church. So the church resorts into smart shaming in fear that these intellectuals might replace the Bible or their leadership with books and ideas foreign to what they have been taught. Instead of nurturing these people to be more useful in the church and be good forefront to the secular world, leaders calls for obedience including surrendering the life of the mind of a believer.  They may be a good teacher or engineer but when these members go to church, they have to leave their brains at the door and submit. The product of these are people swallowing shallow ideas and beliefs that are laughable when scrutinized in the lens of true scholarship.

The irony of all of this is that we are told to read our Bibles daily, bring it to church every Wednesday and Sunday and if the preacher commits error, there is always a Bible that we go to. The truth is, those words are all just talk.  When the rubber meets the road, the true roll call is not who sides with the Bible, but who sides with the pastor.  Let’s be honest. No one wants to be a noble Berean, lest we are labeled rebels or liberals. We rather keep silent than be biblical.

We don’t want to rock the boat. It’s better that way. We keep our mouth shut and pray for it, while we wait for a “divine intercession” to let God Himself deal and make them step down all the while these so called men of God are wrecking spiritual havoc to the church. The funny thing is, the one who told you to pray and wait for God, are the very same people who are in question fabricating lame excuse for their infidelity to the flock and God. Open your Bible and you won’t see those ideas. However standing up and calling them as they are is too unloving to do.  By that we become man pleasers and eventually pawns of fallible men.

Eventually, we are becoming the wolves that we are warned about. And if we ever bother looking at church history , we can see that we are becoming the very enemies of the faith that once have been antagonistic to what we believe. Apostasy has never been this close thanks to these so called men of God.

This is the mess we have made. May God have mercy on us.


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