7 Ways to Learn Logic Online With Zero Budget

Logic and knowing logical fallacies can be an indispensable tool in apologetics. Before you answer any questions from skeptics, logic can dismantle it before hand by pointing out that it is an invalid argument. Another is that pointing out fallacies will keep you in focus on the argument itself and avoid wandering to unnecessary arguments.

As I have pointed out on my article still on the subject of fallacies, social media has been swelling into an angry mob being hostile to opposing views. Believers are caught between these digital phenomenon and we need to respond. We need to please God not just by showing respect and humility in answering but also responding in a clear and logical way. The way we think matters to God also.

So before you channel your inner Josh McDowell or Greg Bahnsen (LOL), here’s six ways to learn logic and logical fallacies without opening your wallet.

Logical Fallacy 101

Before we go to the entrée, here are some starters that you might want to check out:

The Fallacy Detectives – A superb site on learning logic and its fallacies. This Frequently Asked Questions about Logic article is a great starting point to know about it. Mostly questions floating in your mind are answered here.

Got Questions? How should a Christian view logic? is an excellent question (with an excellent answer) that will set why do we need logic in our arguments. 

Truthbomb Apologetics – The 10 Commandments of Logic  is your first dip to the different logical fallacies that you will encounter when your in argument.

 Go Visual

One way to learn something is to get a visual grasp of a lesson. So here are some visuals that will aid you to easily digest logic and it’s fallacies.

Check this infographic – You can view this awesome infographic in two ways, the poster version and the 11 x 17 jpeg,  thanks to The Visual Communicator Guy.

Download this free poster – Critical Thinking Shop offers this 24 x 36″ wall poster of the 24 most common fallacies for free in PDF format (just scroll bellow to see the download link).  Once you download it you can post it on your room or frame it so that you can see and remind you about logical fallacies.

Read A Cartoon or A Comic

This might fall to the visual but you know when you read a comic or cartoon, you not only get the visuals and words but also so wit and humor that makes learning logic fun.

The Adventures of Fallacy Man –  Part of the humorous site called Existential Comics, follow the misadventure of this Zorro looking hero as he diminishes his illogical foes. 

20 Logical Fallacies That Dumb People Use To Win Arguments, And How To Spot Them – BoredPanda collects these logical fallacies illustrations from Logan Murphy in one article that will provide a better understanding on the topic mixed with a good among a humor.

An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments (Ali Almossawi) – Love the illustrations of Ali Almossawi and Alejandro Giraldo on this free online book

 Listen to A Sunday School Message

There are lots of audio resources that can be included in this section but let us stick to something simple. With a quick search on SermonAudio, I pick two of the best message on logical fallacy:

Josh Bales – Simply titled Fallacies, Bales delivered this message at The Wells Church. The audio is not that good but the content of it is solid. Most logical fallacies discussed has Bible references that you can check it yourself.

Jonathan Harris – Part of an apologetics series (which you can check it also), Logical Fallacies is based on the book The Fallacy Detectives. Again the audio is not good but it has a good run down of the fallacies and it has a PDF text that you can download.

 Take A Test

Choose below to see how you measure up on what you have learned so far. This will help you retain what you have learned from #2 and #3. Also this will prepare you for the last two ways which requires some heavy lifting.

Logical Fallacies Quiz – Posted on ProProfs, this free quiz has 6 easy questions that warm ups for the other quizzes below. To take this quiz, simply click the “Start” button.

Fun TriviaCan You Spot the Fallacy? has 10 questions and you need to read the arguments carefully.

The Fallacy Detective – Check this article How Logical Are You?  for a simple quiz on logical fallacies. Also check this free  witty official test  which includes some bonus stuff aside from the logical fallacy test. Answers are provided at the end of the test.

So by now you already have a grasp on logic and logical fallacies. Now let’s shift our gears on how your learning fit as an apologetics tool, thus this is the aim of this listacle. These last two ways will show you how.

Watch this Video

Here is a playlist of videos that are short but spot on in explaining logical fallacies.

Dr. Jason Lisle had a tremendous impact to me in apologetics. His books really helped me see presuppositional apologetics power in subduing secular worldviews. Purchase his book Ultimate Proof of Creation and Discerning Truth and you’ll see what I mean. But since this is a budget free post on logic, check out this video from him. In this video you’ll see how, logic and apologetics fit hand in glove in dismantling arguments against Christianity solely based in his book Discerning Truth (a book on logical fallacies). This video is more leaning to the evolution vs. creation debate nevertheless it has a great presentation on logic and logical fallacies. Click to this link to another video that is based on Ultimate Proof of Creation which introduced me to presuppositional apologetics.

Download this Book


Crossway Books and Vern Poythress are so generous to have Logic online and for free download. It’s a long book but given the caliber of the author, this is a must read. This will somewhat complement what you have learned from Dr. Lisle’s videos above.

Now that you have learn logic and logical fallacies, think of the arguments that you commonly encounter. Do you find it valid or invalid?

8 thoughts on “7 Ways to Learn Logic Online With Zero Budget

  1. Note typo here: “This will somewhat compliment what you have learned from Dr. Lisle’s videos above.” It should be the word “complement” instead of “compliment.”

  2. Thank you for assembling this list of resources. I will try to come back and see what other things you have done here.

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