Book Review: Five Half Truths by Flip Michaels

qgz0gls Our skeptical world has a way of presenting the truth. It doesn’t dismiss it all out but it distorts it by presenting half truths. It might have some truth in it, but as Phil Johnson points out in his introduction of this book, quoting John MacArthur, ‘Half-truth? That’s a lie. I’d rather they call it a half-lie. It’s a lie intended to cover up or mislead”. That’s were Flip Michaels new book Five Half Truths comes in. This book list down five common half truths that distorts some Christian beliefs and provides the answers or whole truth to a demanding skeptical world. A combination of striking, spot on illustrations with biblical response in a straight forward approach you’ll find this book a winner in clarity and pulls you into the book once you start read. You won’t be lost on every half truths as you read every chapters that is meat. Then in every chapter there is a short summary provided at the end.

If you have read other apologetics book with an evidential approach, you’ll find some familiar points here. But before you dismiss this book, Five Half Truths gets the cake on how five half truths points are presented. By the title itself, it grabs hold of the reader’s attention. I was so interested in this book because of the title alone. Reading it is another thing. It’s not an all out apologetics that list down arguments for and against Christianity with back and forth counter-arguments. Well the reliability of the Bible, validity of the Christian religion and the deity of Jesus Christ were there (the usual stuff evidential apologetics books). However sandwiched within those, are half truths that tackles the character of God which is love (Half Truth #3) and good deeds dealing with faith (Half Truth #5) which made the book more interesting.

I’m into presuppositional apologetics now but Five Half Truths makes me want to look at evidential apologetics again. I make it a point not to include books evidentialism on my reading list. However, this book makes me want to see this apologetic method a second look. This book shows that evidential approach is indispensible in the Christian apologetics. By the Chapter 6, we are invited to read Michaels short testimony and a gospel presentation is provided which is an excellent one. Not only that, thr book helps you in your Christian journey by turning the five half truths as a starting point to know about Him plus some recommended resource (Chapter 7).

Concise, convincing and accessible, Five Half Truths an enjoyable read for believers and non-believers alike.

My verdict:

4.5 out of 5

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