The Quotable Round-Up #111


The travelling book sale is here in the Philippines for it’s second year. Big Bad Wolf serves every Pinoy bookworms craving for some thing to read. If I have the time and budget I might have visit it.

Anyways, here’s some quotes from Flip Michaels book Five Half Truths. If you enjoyed these quotes, please do purchase the book by clicking this link.

“To be confronted with the wh ole truth about the love of God is to become aware of who God really is. Yet, many go about their days without any sort of God-awareness. Is this you? It will be evidenced by the decisions you make, the priorities you place—how you choose to live your life. Remember, we live out our view of God every single day. The knowledge of God is foundational to everything you and I do.”

“..Scripture will never contradict Scripture. Reading this Book (or any book for that matter) in its true context will always help to bring clarity. Often verses are cherry-picked with no regard for the author’s audience in an attempt to misappropriate them and abuse God’s Word. Again, this tactic is an easy one to refute. Read your Bible.”

“It is one thing to declare the whole truth, but altogether another to do the heavy-lifting and unpack its meaning. Rhetoric without reason is a poor attempt at persuasion. Simply stated, it is manipulation.”

“The great preacher of old, C.H. Spurgeon, defined this search for truth as ‘knowing the difference between right and almost right.’ Reread that quote. Take notice of the disparity between the two, as it is profound. You might
say, ‘Well, at least you’re close,’ but close only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades! No, we must get this right. It is the disparity between ‘the Spirit of truth and the spirit of error’ (1 John 4:6).”

“Semantics has no sway on Scripture. The culture cannotchange this phrase’s meaning. ‘God is love’—but it is a holy love. It is a love that infuses and permeates the entire character of God. His love and holiness are not mutually exclusive attributes. They co-exist, work in tandem, influencing one another. The whole truth is that God is love and holy, holy, holy.”

“Like two sides of the same coin, God’s love not only includes a common grace for all mankind indiscriminately, but also a saving grace specifically for those who come to faith in Christ. This greater love results in a soul being saved from
eternal death and hell.”

“We must consider the full array of God’s love as it is presented in the Bible. The whole truth equates to possessing a right understanding of God. When rooted in Scripture, our thinking on the love of God will move us from the shallow end to the deep end of the pool.”

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