Joining A Book Launching Team

udpwobdSince November last year, I have been busy but tremendously enjoying, being part of a book launching team. It’s such a thrilling journey to help out an author spread the word of his newest book. I used to participate on book blogging tours, but being in a launching team is quite a different experience.

It started with the book by Jeff Medder’s titled Humble Calvinism. Knowing him from his previous books, I need to sign up and be part of it. Were given an advance copy of the book that is slated to be release on March 2019. That’s four months allotted time to read and write a review of the book. Along the way, I got to collect some interesting quote from the book and posted it on my blog. You can read part 1 and part 2 here at Delighting Grace. It was an engaging book and I love every bit of it. Now that I  posted quotes (which got some people interested with the book)  wrote book review on this blog and on Goodreads, I can say I’m done with it. But that’s half of the story.

However last January,  another author, Dan DeWitt was scouting for folks who wants to be on his launching team. His latest book, Sunny Side Up, was to be released early February. And by that time, I’m still not done with Humble Calvinism! So I have to give way in favor of Sunny Side Up and start reading. Humble Calvinism can sit and wait. So in January, I’m juggling with two books with two different release date. I have to learn to manage my time by checking my calendar. Sometimes I’m all pumped up to read but life happens. I work in graveyard shifts and I get to take care of my little daughter. So my spare time are on laundry time. There I was able to squeeze in writing book reviews and other articles. Still in the end, I manage to finish both books and do the necessary digital promotions for them.

As of this writing, I’m on William Boekestein’s launching team for the release of his book The Future of Everything  on March. I’m of course reading that book and Flip Michael’s book Five Half Truths which I personally ask a copy from the author with a promise to review it on my blog and post some quotes. After finish I reading Boekestein’s book, I’ll immediately dive in to Simonetta Carr’s  Broken Pieces and the God Who Mends Them, which, like Flip Michaels book, I will post quotes and write a review.

If your a book blogger, I would suggest you try it. It maybe an out of your comfort zone experience (with deadlines, meeting up with the team and reading a digital copy of the book) its all worthwhile.

So before I end this article, here’s some takeaways I want to share to you that picked up being a part of  book launching team: 

Tips on participating a book launching team

*  Be sure you love reading.

* Follow authors,  specially up and coming authors. You can find them on your social media platforms. Most likely bloggers and contributors of big ministries (like The Gospel Coalition, Desiring God, Ligonier Ministries etc.,) will eventually write a book, so you might want to follow them in their social media accounts. In addition, authors from small Reformed publishing companies would also ask for help.

* Sign-up to free newsletters of book publishing companies. In that way, you’ll find the upcoming books and if they need a launch team for a particular release.

*You can ask directly to the author and request the newly released book. Send him or her a private message.

* Be sure you have a blog (if necessary have a good number of followers); an Amazon, Goodreads and other book review sites account. In this way you can easily help the author spread the word of his new book.

* Read the book ASAP. Set aside books if you have a reading list and focus on the books to be launched. If you’re in multiple launching team, manage it by reading the book that is closest to the release date.

* Post quotes from the book on your social media accounts and don’t forget to tag the author.

Perks being in a launching team

*You’ll get to first the book in advance.

*You’ll get to interact more with the author (which is so cool!)

*If possible, you’ll receive a physical copy of the new book.

*You’ll be included to an exclusive, launch team only Facebook group.

*You’ll meet other bloggers  in the Facebook group and get to exchange ideas.

*Well you have a story to tell that you have been part of launching that book.

Have you tried joining a book launch team? Please share your story on the comments section.




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