The Quotable Round-Up #109

qak86riI read in a post that “book polygamy” or reading multiple books at the same time loses focus of the intent of accumulating ideas and thoughts ? For me I disagree.  It’s more productive because it can cover lots of books and given having a rest time for each books, it has an advantage. I’m currently reading two, one is for book review and the other is for my self-study. Both have been beneficial to me considering the one has a deadline to meet.

Anyways, here’s some quotes from the book by Nancy R. Pearcey, Love Thy Body.  Order the book on Amazon by clicking this link.

“The biblical view of sexuality is not based on a few scattered Bible verses. It is based on a teleological worldview that encourages us to live in accord with the physical design of our bodies. By respecting the body, the biblical ethic overcomes the dichotomy separating body from person. It heals self-alienation and creates integrity and wholeness.”

“According to the body/person dichotomy, just being biologically part of the human race (the lower story) is not morally relevant. Individuals must earn the status of personhood by meeting an additional set of criteria—the ability to make decisions, exercise self-awareness, plan for the future, and so on (the upper story). Only those who meet these added conditions qualify as persons.”

“The problem is that many people treat morality as a list of rules. But in reality, every moral system rests on a worldview. In every decision we make, we are not just deciding what we want to do. We are expressing our view of the purpose of human life.”

“In a Christian worldview, everyone who is human is also a person. The two cannot be separated. This view avoids the radical devaluation of human life. From its earliest stages, the body participates in the human telos, and thus shares in the purpose and dignity of the human person.”

“In the biblical worldview, sexuality is integrated into the total person. The most complete and intimate physical union is meant to express the most complete and intimate personal union of marriage. Biblical morality is teleological: The purpose of sex is to express the one-flesh covenant bond of marriage.”

“Scripture treats body and soul as two sides of the same coin. The inner life of the soul is expressed through the outer life of the body.”

“In Gnosticism, the highest deity would have nothing to do with the material world. By contrast, the Christian message is that the transcendent God has broken into history as a baby born in Bethlehem. The incarnation is genuinely physical, happening at a particular time and in a particular geographical location.”

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