The Quotable Round-Up #108

sbj9yhrDecluttering expert, Marie Kondo struck a nerve to some bookworms because she suggest that we should minimized our books into just 30.  Whoa! As you know, we book readers are book collectors too and we like to display it on a bookshelf for everyone to see. But to downsize you collection to 30 books, we’ll that’s heresy. LOL. Well, I think she has a point. Let me suggest it this way. We can shrink it to 30 books to the ones you usually use and are important in studying the Scripture. The rest should be kept in a box tuck in an attic and if like what she said “doesn’t spark you joy” any longer, you can donate it to your church or public library. Better yet, give it to a friend in need.

Anyways, here’s some quotes from the book by J. I. Packer, Finishing Our Course With Joy. Order the book on Amazon by clicking this link.

“As seniors’ powers of body, memory, and creativity grow less, so their conscious focus on their hope of glory should grow sharper and their meditations on it grow more joyful and sustained. As this happens, passion to continue being of use to God and his people, in holiness, love, and what Scriptures conceives as neighborliness, should and will intensify, to the very end.”

“We humans are hopers by nature. Hope motivates, energizes, and drives us. It is natural to us to look ahead and long for any good things that we foresee. That is how God made us. It was always in his plan that we, his embodied rational creatures, should live our lives in this world looking forward to, and preparing for, something even better than we have known already.”

“Maintaining zeal Godward as our bodies wear out is the special discipline to which we aging Christians are called.”

“…to think of Christian retirees as exempt from the twin tasks of learning and leading, just because they do not inhabit the world of wage and salary earning any longer, and for aging Christians to think of themselves in this way, as if they have no more to do now than have fun, is worldliness in a strikingly intense and, be it said, strikingly foolish form.”

“Lifelong learning, both of the truths by which Christians are to live and of the way to live by them—also of how these things are taught in Scripture and how they are misstated, misunderstood, and misapplied in the modern world—is every Christian’s calling.”

“The Bible’s view is that aging, under God and by grace, will bring wisdom, that is, an enlarged capacity for discerning, choosing, and encouraging.”

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