The Video Round-Up #3

zOAJjtaHi guys! I’m so eager to share some great video I recently watched and discuss some back story of why I like it. I hope you’ll like and come back often to this blog for more of this stuff.

I’m a huge fan of Rivers and Robots (and if haven’t read our concert experience when they came to Manila, better click here to read it)  and I got a “never see that coming” feeling when band vocalist, Jonathan Ogden, who has a solo career, made a new song drop last January 1. I’m sure others were surprise of it. I think it came out first in Youtube then in a few days its available over different music streaming sites. So here’s the video and it sounds abit of Rivers and Robots. Love the footage of gadgets and search engines in the music video. Totally blown off with it. Notice also the artwork on the single. It reminds me of the album cover of Fit For A King’s “Deathgrip”.

Filmmaker Les Lanphere asked on Facebook to name a cover of a song than is better than the original. So I commented Future of Forestry’s take on a Cindy Lauper classic “Time after Time”. Been listening to FoF recently and I really love their Advent EP. Of course, Time after Time had been covered by artist like Rob Thomas, Everything But The Girl, Inoj (remember here?) and jazz legend Miles Davis. The song itself is awesome and every time it gets to be covered it’s still awesome. You can find it on FoF’s album “Pages’ which according to what I read comes as a surprise as the band get’s down and do some acoustic  sort of Civil War and that EBTG album “Acoustic”.

And lastly, saw this video over Facebook about abortion. Not usually done like in a serious tone but in a satirical way. For me its hilarious and at the same time insightful. Move over Babylon Bee, its Choice42. Choice42 is a Canadian based pro-life group, headed by Laura Klassen, who stars on most of their videos. Check out more of them on their website.



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