The Freebie Round-Up #21

8jhreirWe are still having a hangover with the Rivers and Robots last Saturday. My wife and Joan are now hardcore fans of the band (my wife’s music to fall asleep is Jonathan Ogden’s EP and Joan listens to the band while doing the laundry.) I’ll posting our experience next time here on my blog. For the meantime, its freebie time and I hope you’ll enjoy these free stuff!

FREE e-book “Angels in the Architecture” by Douglas Wilson – I think this is the last hurrah of Douglas Wilson. Download this freebie and make your Kindle happy.

FREE MP3 messages of R. C. Sproul – Ok Thanksgiving is over but hey it Sproul. Who doesn’t want it? Grab these 2 free messages courtesy of Ligioner Ministries.

FREE Music Resources from Grace Baptist Church – Hymns and songs composed and arranged by Grace Baptist Church where Tom Ascol is senior pastor. Get the lead sheet, chord sheet and MP3 of the music absolutely free.

FREE e-book “Raising Resilient MKs” by Joyce M Bowers –  a collection of essays on handling the needs of missionary kids. It’s interesting that this stuff exist. This e-book is available on PDF.

FREE printable “Isaiah Christmas” Bible reading plan by Tony Reinke –  Join Tony Reinke on a conversation as he dives in the Book of Isaiah this Advent season. Download this freebie and tuck it in your Bibles.

FREE to watch “I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye” by Joshua Harris– It’s been a year since Harris set to make this documentary about his best selling book I Kissed Dating Goodbye. Now it’s out and you can buy it or watch it for free.

FREE e-book “Did Jesus Really Have to Die?”  by Aaron Armstrong – What a great question and Aaron Armstrong provides the answers in this free short booklet.

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