The Video Round-Up #2

eilvkznThis week I found some brand new artist with their cool songs that kept ear occupied. They are recommended from not the mostly likely places you can find music but I’m glad they did.

First off is from Tim Challies blog. If Challies recommends something specially a band who am I not to check it out.  And the CityAlight is pretty good. Not another Hillsong clone but if you check their lyrics its totally soaked biblically. Read the full article here.

FERVR posted on Instagram a fresh post titled 5 Christian Songs You Need to Know. The list includes a favorite of mine, DreamsDreams is the opening song from River & Robots latest album Discovery.  River & Robots is a superb band, blending acoustic and electronic sounds with smooth vocals of Jonathan Ogden. Going back to the list, some are fresh faces and some are already established but I think you’ll find something to enjoy even its just a short list.

And finally, Southern Seminary uploaded a video (actually audio and some visuals) of  Boyce Vocal Band, a travelling worship team from Boyce College with their rendition of the hymn, Blessed Assurance. It’s a pretty awesome cover of the old hymn and I give a thumbs up. For more of details of Boyce Vocal Band (and more stuff from them ) and the Institute for Biblical Worship, follow this link.

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