A Trip to Booksale (Revisited and Updated)

w9kren8(OK you might be thinking that this blogger is getting old. Having a full article introduction to another article written long ago is just pure sentimentalism. If that’s you and you want to skip all of this, don’t fell guilty not reading this post. Click here to go straight to the updated version of my first ever blog post on Delighting Grace. That will save you some pain 🙂 )

A few days ago I received a message from FB Messenger. Someone read my post and was wondering if she can buy books of a certain author that I have. I don’t recall selling stuff on my blog (which I never do) nor still follow the author since I became a Calvinist. Then it hit me, she was referring to my first ever blog post here on Delighting Grace. I wrote that post 7 years ago and still people are reading it. So I think it over then decided to revisit and updated it for the readers.

I wrote the post on October 2011 because for the love of books and Booksale. I named it after the book about script writing by Ricky Lee titled “Trip to Quiapo” . It was previously posted on another blog that I didn’t want to continue. So the article is a guide on finding Christian books on  popular second hand bookstore here in the Philippines. If your a bookworm you know this store. Well the post garnered 4 views in that year and 31 views for all time. A bit disappointing isn’t?

Many changes happened in my life since I wrote the article. I had a permanent job, got married, had a daughter, had a new church. As a reader I expand my taste by including to my reading list children’s books, non fictions and comicbooks. I extent my love of reading through literacy advocacy with my wife named “Heroes 4 Kids”. I also found maturity in blogging and learn some tricks along the way.

As of now my three go-to Booksale stalls (Citimart Batangas City, Orange PC, and Citimart Bauan) are closed. The only Booksale branch near my place is Robinson’s Lipa (which will take me 23 km. to reach that mall).

So that’s what I can say to a post that is near to my heart. Now I present the updated version of  A Trip to Booksale: A Christian Guide in Finding Christian Books from a Pre-Loved Bookstore. I hope you’ll enjoy and share it to your friends.

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