The Digital Round-Up # 25

From its long hiatus the original Digital Round-Up is back.  Fresh and relevant content for you to read and be edified.


FREE “Apostasy from the Gospel” by John Owens– A latest free offering from Monergism.

50 John MacArthur Quotes – We know that John MacArthur has been on the spotlight because of his views on social justice. But thats another story. Here’s 50 quotes from  Lolo Johnny from various topics.

The Case for FB Theologians -You might find them all over Facebook and sometimes creating theological debates on groups. However, they can do good service for the church and God. Check out this interesting article from an FB friend.

*In case you missed these : 5 Christian Podcast You Should Be Listening Right Now, 7 Awesome Ways to Learn Church History Online for Free, 7 Short But Excellent Christian Books I Have Read, 5 Important Things to Do Before Starting to Read A Book, 3 Essential Reasons to Re-Read Your Favorite Book. 

10 Signs the Christian Authors You’re Following Are (Subtly) Teaching Unbiblical Ideas – Natasha Crain really hit the nail on this article. We as Christians are book lovers however our favorite writers may be adding some unbiblical stuff over their books. Here’s 10 signs to know it.

Why Should I Tell Others About Christ When My Life Sucks –  Two valid reasons why we should. Great article from Credo House.

Better Than I Deserve – A much better reply to “How are you?”, its a biblical response that points out the Christian life.

*In case you missed these: Collecting the Past: Delighting Grace Interviews Caleb of Log College Press,  Accessible Apologetics: Delighting Grace Interviews Jason L. Petersen, Squad Goals: Delighting Grace Interviews Theron St. John, Tested by Time: Delighting Grace Interviews Dr. Isabelo Magalit.

How Do I Choose Good Books and Grow My Library? – Excellent advice from a prolific writer and book lover, John Piper. Not only does he gives us tips but recommends what books we should get.

6 Small Tweaks for Better Church Photography – For those who are in charge of taking pictures on church events, try these awesome tips to level up your church photography skills.

Stop Looking to the Bible for Fortune-Cookie Wisdom from Crossway on Vimeo.




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