The Digital Round-Up # 12

zkorsnzHappy New Year to all! May 2018 bring you a more abundant grace from God. Lets focus on Christ as He leads us to this promising year. Here’s a collection of stuff that’s specially curated just for you. And Oh please come back often.

Free audiobook download– Download “‘12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You” by Tony Reike. You have to create an account to download it (but its all worth it to have one since you can have freebies monthly).

5 Principles for University Evangelism – part of an amazing series about University Evangelism that Tim Keller contributed to TGC.

Top 20 Filipino Children’s Books of 2017 – I love reading children’s books and I do have some unread stuff. So if you want to try reading this genre, here’s a list you will need to see.

 10 Things You Should Know About God’s Attributes – I love how Mark Jones list and explains God’s attributes. You might find something fresh and the usual but still a good read.

Pastor Discussion Podcast – You have been following my social media account and I know you know about this podcast. So please dont forget January 16 ok guys.

Powerful Coming Out Story – Love Is Love  – Saw this already on Facebook but recently Jeff Durbin posted that it got the attention of Huffington Post and Teen Vogue.

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