The Digital Round-Up #1


Howdy partners! I bring you the new and improved “The Digital Round-Up”. This curated post will featured my personal picks. This is a random collection favorite article, freebies, quotable from my social media, videos and anything I find interesting. So I hope you enjoy this post and if you have something I want to feature on this post, please feel free to comment below.

John Stott sermons – Found this site while searching for mp3 sermons about spiritual growth.  Along with John MacArthur and Martyn Lloyd Jones, Stott’s messages will help me strengthen my Christian walk with Jesus.

Jeff Goin’s new ebook – Blogger extraordinaire, Jeff Goins has a new ebook titled “The Writer’s Roadmap”. It free and you can download it just by clicking this link.

Doomsday Clock – The next comic event in the DC Universe is here and you can take a sneak peek of it by checking out this online ash can edition free.

The latest HIV situation here in the Philippines


The power of forgiveness. A Holocaust survivor forgives a Nazi doctor.

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