The Quotable Round-Up # 62

Photo by Nonsap Visuals on Unsplash

Hey people heres your favorite post. Hot and fresh quotes from the books “Preach: Theology Meets Practice” by Mark Dever and Greg Gilbert, “Young, Restless and Reformed” by Collin Hansen,  . If you enjoyed these quotes, please buy the books at your nearest Christian bookstore or on Amazon. Feel free to share this post over your social media. God bless you and enjoy your week!

“Christian preaching, though, has at its heart the desire to make a change, to say something the world does not hear from anywhere else and does not even want to hear. It’s not that Christian preachers are looking for ways to be contrarian. It’s that the message we have been given to preach is the countercultural, status quo challenging, and offensive declaration that the human race is in rebellion against our King, and that our choices are to be judged for that rebellion or to accept love and forgiveness from His hand.” — Mark Dever and Greg Gilbert

“Too many churches today have preachers who look to the culture around them not simply for the most effective methods of communicating their message but for the most effective message to be preached.” — Mark Dever and Greg Gilbert

“Understanding that theological truth about preaching can make all the difference between a milque-toast preaching ministry that just makes suggestions about a few things “we might want to think about” and a preaching ministry that heralds the good news, direct from the throne of God, that those who trust Jesus and confess Him as Lord will find mercy, forgiveness, salvation—and new life!—in His hand.”– Mark Dever and Greg Gilbert

“Humanly speaking, God’s sovereignty seems to threaten human responsibility. But Scripture affirms both truths. Even when we don’t understand, we can thank God that he does not limit himself according to our understanding. God gives Christians all the motivation they need to share their faith. We evangelize for God and his glory, out of love for our neighbors. We have confidence because there is no greater evangelist than the Holy Spirit.” — Collin Hansen

“Christians must seek not a return to the Reformation or the First Great Awakening but a return to Jesus Christ, the founder and perfecter of our faith.”– Collin Hansen

“Mere knowledge is not the end of Calvinism or any other theology. Theology should drive a Christian toward transformation—toward greater worship of God and more powerful service for his sake.”– Collin Hansen

“Maybe you can only survive so long on a self-help diet. Eventually you get pretty sick of yourself. A biblical understanding of God—big beyond description, active, perfectly holy—tastes much better than junk-food pop psychology.”– Collin Hansen



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