A Call for Contagious Praising (Part 3)

adwdafejfdy-raul-petri_zpspm1kvcf1“Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together!” Psalms 34: 3

Let’s check the last reason why we Christians praise God together.

Why Praise Together?

Because of the nature of Joy

  • Joy like any other emotions is expressive through physical or verbal visible manifestation. It would be weird to be happy if there is no appropriate or corresponding gesture for it. We can laugh, smile, cry and jump because of what joy brings to us. People can see, relate easily and join us as we express joy.


  • Joy is not joy if we don’t share or let others experience it. True joy is something sharable. It encourages others to celebrate with them something we possess. We possess Christ as our true joy; will we not share it to others?

(to be continued next week…)


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