The Quotable Round-Up #46


Here are some of the quotes from the book “Awe” by Paul David Tripp. If you enjoy these quotes, please buy the book at your nearest Christian bookstore or on Amazon.  Feel free to share this post over your social media. God bless you and enjoy your week!


“Awe of God means that God has a plan far bigger and better than any plans I have for myself.


“When awe of self replaces awe of God, praise will be rare and grumbling plentiful.”


“If human beings were created to live in heart-gripping, life-shaping awe of God—and they were—then replacing awe of God with awe of something else will never go anywhere good.”


“So many of our prayers are self-centered grocery lists of personal cravings that have no bigger agenda than to make our lives a little more comfortable. They tend to treat God more as our personal shopper than a holy and wise Father-King. Such prayers forget God’s glory and long for a greater experience of the glories of the created world.”

“Here’s the danger: it is always easier for bad agendas to slither their way into our hearts and into our ministries when we are unclear about the big, grand agenda that we are serving.”

“The war that rages in all our hearts is a war between the awe of God and the awe of self.”

“Horizontal awe is meant to do one thing: stimulate vertical awe.”


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