Book Review: Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry: Practical Guide by Cameron Cole and Jon Nielson

There are few books that are geared for this kind of topic. The most notable and most popular is the “Purpose Driven Youth Ministry” by Doug Fields which really sets the bar of what an effective and practical guide in youth ministry. Fields mostly sets the program (complete with diagrams, templates, graphs) which is comprehensive. He shared some biblical insights here and there. But in “Gospel-Centred Youth Ministry”, having the gospel in the very heart of this kind of ministry IS practical.
To tell you honesty I have no idea who are the editors and contributors except for Elizabeth Elliot and the Collin Hansen (who wrote the foreword). However, that didn’t deter me to check this book out. Unlike other how to books with one author in every topic, Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry” the contributors provides their forte in every phase of the youth ministry. Sharing biblical insights, personal experiences and practical tips every entry bring reinforcement to youth workers who needs help for this ministry. The book is divided into three sections: foundations of an effective ministry, four practical elements of the ministry and students role in reaching out the world.
Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry: Practical Guide is must read for youth workers, pastors and lay people. This book is the real deal. It delivers a gospel saturated message that is not full of gimmicks or quick fix.


Crossway has provided a complimentary copy of this book through the Blog Review Program.


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