The Quotable Round-Up #22

Here are the freshest quotes from your favorite Christian authors. May this bring encouragement to you throughout the week. Enjoy!
“Seeing, then, that Christ has gloriously arisen, being raised by the power of the Father, there is no room left for doubt respecting the perfection of the satisfaction, the full payment of the price of redemption; of the full discharge of which, the Father has given us such indubitable testimony.”
— Francis Turretin, The Atonement of Christ

“For though Christ’s human nature, which was the instrument in the obedience and sufferings, was finite, yet this does not lessen the value of the satisfaction, because it derives its perfection from the divine person of Christ, to which all his actions must be attributed; as he is the person who obeyed and suffered.”
— Francis Turretin, The Atonement of Christ

“Though a death of infinite value was due for every individual sinner, yet such a death as Christ’s is quite sufficient for the redemption of the whole elect world.”
— Francis Turretin, The Atonement of Christ

“God didn’t simply wind up the universe, letting it largely run by itself. The universe isn’t like that. Instead, nothing would continue to exist—the universe, the angels, you—if God did not continually sustain it. Nor would anything in the universe do anything without his causing it, either directly or indirectly.” —Mitch Stokes, A Shot of Faith in the Head

“Christ did not suffer eternal death but a death of three days only, and yet he fully paid the debt of everlasting punishment which we owed. His, which was one of finite duration, was equivalent to an everlasting death suffered by us, because of the infinite dignity of his person. His were the sufferings not of a mere man, but of the true God, who purchased the Church with his blood, (Acts 20:28). Hence what was deficient in duration is supplied by the divinity of the sufferer, which gave infinite importance to a temporary passion.”
— Francis Turretin, The Atonement of Christ

“The warfare view of science and religion has seeped into the soil of Western civilization, poisoning our water. It doesn’t matter that modern research has shown, for example, that the scientists involved in the development of modern science during the 1600s were Christians. Never mind that Newton, the culmination of the Scientific Revolution, was a devout Christian who wrote far more on theology than all other subjects combined. The cleanup is going to take a long time.” —Mitch Stokes, A Shot of Faith in the Head

“Justice and mercy kiss each other. Justice is exercised against sin as imputed to Christ, and mercy, free and sovereign mercy, is shown to sinners. The pardon granted to us is entirely of grace, while full satisfaction is demanded of the surety. Nothing is demanded of us, full payment having been made by Christ.”
— Francis Turretin, The Atonement of Christ


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