The Quotable Round-Up #21

Here are the freshest quotes from your favorite Christian authors. May this bring encouragement to you throughout the week. Enjoy!
“Truly God is love. Love is not something adventitious; it is not something that God may choose to be or choose not to be. He is love, and that necessarily, inherently, and eternally. As God is spirit, as he is light, so he is love.”
— John Murray, Redemption: Accomplished and Applied

“It’s safe to say, that although we can observe God’s handiwork, we cannot observe him. This is one reason why some people think science and religion constitute entirely separate realms. Science studies what we can observe; religion—insofar as it regards God himself—obviously does not. But this characterization is wrong. For one thing—and most importantly for us here—not everything we learn from science can be observed. No one has ever observed an atom or seen the earth move. Yet it is entirely reasonable to believe in atoms and the earth’s motion.” —Mitch Stokes, A Shot of Faith in the Head

“It cannot be said that God demands a double payment of the same debt. For the law binds the sinner both to obedience and punishment, as is said above; and the actions and sufferings of Christ do not constitute a double payment, but both together constitute one payment; one unique righteousness, by which deliverance from death and a right to life have been acquired for us.”
–Francis Turretin, The Atonement of Christ

“The love of God from which the atonement springs is not a distinction-less love; it is a love that elects and predestinates. God was pleased to set his invincible and everlasting love upon a countless multitude and it is the determinate purpose of this love that the atonement secures.”
— John Murray, Redemption: Accomplished and Applied

“As Christ, by the obedience of his life, has rendered to the law that which it required of us, and to which we were otherwise personally bound; so by this obedience he has satisfied the law, as to those demands which it makes upon us: and hence his active obedience partakes of the nature of satisfaction. Again, as his passive obedience proceeded from unspeakable love to us, and as love is the fulfilling of the law, we cannot deny but it was meritorious, and of the nature of a price of redemption, by which a right to life has been acquired for us.”
— Francis Turretin, The Atonement of Christ

“Perhaps this unwarranted confidence in evolution is the result of desperation. Humans—as Aristotle noted—desire to know. They especially want to know things like where humans came from and what they’re here for. And evolution offers one explanation—the only explanation in sight for atheists. Because evolution has the market cornered, atheists really want to make this theory work.” —Mitch Stokes, A Shot of Faith in the Head

“We do not grant that Christ gives us any power to atone for ourselves. Such a supposition receives no countenance from Scripture, and is contrary to the very nature of an atonement. It is one thing to make satisfaction, another to give the power to make satisfaction.”
— Francis Turretin, The Atonement of Christ

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