Four Stages on How an Unbeliever Comes to Jesus Part 1

Song of Solomon highlights the intense love between King Solomon and his bride which represents Christ and his beloved church. Aside from these two main characters, Song of Solomon mentions another one which is also important in the poem. In translations like ESV they provided names for the lines to indicate who is speaking and to avoid further confusion. Not that the book itself didn’t provide identification to this character. The book calls this last character as the daughters of Jerusalem. To indicate that they are speaking, Bible translations place the names “people” or “others”. Aside from Solomon and his bride, the daughters of Jerusalem provide dialogues that can be compared to unbelievers. So let us now look at the four stages on how an unbeliever response to God and how we can help lead them to Christ:
“We will exult and rejoice in you; we will extol your love more than wine; rightly do they love you.” Song of Solomon 1: 4

Notice the word on the text “in you” not “with you”. Also there is a distinction “we” and “you” which if they are truly want to be part with the woman’s joy it should say “us”. We might encounter people like these that, they may be happy for your faith, but they seem to be not interested to be part of it. They may have their own beliefs however they don’t want any part of Christ or the church. Let us continue to pray for these individual that God may open their spiritual eyes.

“What is your beloved more than another beloved, O most beautiful among women? What is your beloved more than another beloved, that you thus adjure us?” Song of Solomon 5: 9

As we witness and live out our Christian testimony, people will notice us. They will ask questions. They will be curious on why we act and speak that way. In this phase, we might have a comfortable discussion with them about Jesus.

(to be continued next week…)


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