The Quotable Round Up #14

The 36th Manila International Book Fair recently held at MOA SMX last September proves that Filipinos are not just book lovers but are concern with their spirituality. Majority of the exhibitors are offering Christian books and other resources. Aside from biblical Christianity, Roman Catholicism book companies are adding up every year. They have their own gimmicks just like those Christians booths. I also observe nuns and Catholic lay groups do check and buy books from booths of OMFLit, CLC Philippines, CSM Publishing and Lighthouse. I suggest that aside from inspirational books, Christian companies should dish out more solid and gospel centered materials for that specific event with affordable price or give out freebies for these friends. Roman Catholicism offers a hopeless gospel for their followers. Books that are inspirational are good but we should go for what will save them. Let us not let these people crossover eternity without them knowing the true message of Christ. My last MIBF observations will be next week but for now our quotes of the week:
“We should pray because prayer is a duty of every Christian; because prayer is a privilege; and because prayer is a powerful means of grace.”
–R. C. Sproul

“By continuing to study the Bible, we grow in faith and are able to stand firm in the truth.”
–R. C. Sproul

“If we don’t feel like going to church, we are to do it anyway. It’s a privilege to come near to God and to worship with other believers, but it’s also a sacred duty. I would be completely derelict in my duty if I didn’t tell you that God takes worship attendance very seriously, just as this admonition shows. So if we get up and don’t feel like going to church and want to go to the beach instead, we must say to ourselves: “Wait a minute, if I do this, I’m neglecting the God who has redeemed my soul from the pit. Therefore, I’m going to church.”
— R. C. Sproul

“All of us struggle as we evaluate our Christian lives. We can see changes in our lives for the good, but we also see the things we don’t want to see the things we don’t want anybody to see. So as we’re analyzing the states of our souls, we need to ask not where we were when we were born again or even how it happened. Rather, we need to ask whether there is any evidence of a change in the inner direction of our disposition, our attitude toward the things of God.”
–R. C. Sproul

“Spiritual shortsightedness robs us of gospel comfort that God desires us to enjoy.”
–Derek W. H. Thomas

“Application is important, but the gospel comes first. What is more, even after we have applied a passage rightly to our- selves in this way, we constantly need to return once again to the comfort of the gospel’s focus on Christ, for even as believers we will never live up to the standard of perfect holiness that God demands.”
–Iain M. Duguid

“Through the gospel we come to see both the true depth of our sin (and therefore that our earlier feelings of guilt were actually far too shallow), while at the same time being reminded of the glorious good news that Jesus is our perfect substitute who removes our sin and guilt.”
–Iain M. Duguid

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