4 Amazing Birds Mentioned In the Bible

God created birds at the fifth day of creation (Genesis 1:20) and was mentioned in the Bible many times. Now we list down notable birds that were mentioned in God’s Word and see how God used them.

  1. Ravens– (1 King 17: 2-7 and Luke 12: 24) the first mentioned of this bird was on the Noah’s Ark story. To check if the flood is drying up, Noah released a raven but the bird didn’t came back to send any news. This time in 1 King we see that God uses ravens to feed the prophet Elijah. These birds are predators and a selfish type. This should be a lesson for us that no matter who you are, we can be of use in God’s work. Then in Luke, Jesus declares the how God considers His children precious than raven which He provides food. We should always be dependent on His daily provision. As Christians let us keep in mind how blessed we are as followers of Christ.
  1. Eagle- This mighty bird is usually a symbol in our times for its character. It has been mentioned in the Bible but we will concentrate it in one verse. In Psalms 103: 5, God is the great provider that He rejuvenates us with renewed spiritual zeal. He will give us strength like an eagle. When we Christians are weary we should come to God to give us power.
  1. Hen- (Matthew 23: 37) after rebuking the duplicities of the Pharisees and the scribes, Jesus then poured out His heart to the inhabitants of Jerusalem. As we read the verse we can see that God in human form longs to gather the unbelieving like a hen that wants to gather her chicks. Followers of Christ should also have this kind of weeping heart for the lost souls.
  1. Dove– (Genesis 8: 12, Matthew 3:16, Mark 1: 10, Luke 3:22 and John 1:32) this bird has a good reputation as the bird who came back to tell Noah that the land is dry after the deluge. Jesus tells his disciples (including us) in Matthew 10:16 that in evangelism we should be “wise as serpents and harmless as doves”. Finally, the four Gospels recorded the baptism of Jesus Christ which all mentioned the Holy Spirit represented as a dove. The Holy Spirit seals us after we believe the gospel (Ephesians 1: 13) as being owned by God and recipient of the His promises. In Ephesians 4: 30 we are “sealed unto the day of redemption”. Are you sealed by the Holy Spirit? Are you saved? Repent and believe the gospel today!

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