The Quotable Round Up #8

Some of you might ask where I get these quotes. I’ll let you in a secret. I subscribe to David C Cook free books which dishes out some books from great authors like Warren Weirsbe, John MacArthur, R. C. Sproul etc. Others are from random blogs or websites who gives away e-books. So there you have it. I encourage you to subscribe to these freebies and enjoy reading. Reading should not be expensive. Before you head on to subscribe to those amazing website, here are our quotes of the week:
“True spiritual unity is never at the expense of truth.”
–Warren W. Wiersbe
“Jesus is Lord over everything, not some things.”
–J. A. Medders
“Truth and assurance are not ends in themselves; they are the means to the end of taking the gospel to the whole world.”
–Warren W. Wiersbe
“From what does the blood of Christ cleanse us? It cleanses us from sin.”
–Anthony Carter
“It is not enough to win people to Christ. We must also lead them into assurance, for only as they have assurance can they effectively live for God and overcome the world.”
–Warren W. Weirsbe
“Knowing that we have been given to the Son by the Father ought to motivate us to loving obedience. We are the Father’s love gift to Jesus.”
–Warren W. Weirsbe
“On the legal basis of the imputation of Christ’s righteousness, believers can be united to Christ, confident that everything that belongs properly to Him is given freely to us. In this marvelous exchange, all our debts become His and all His riches become ours.”
–Michael Horton

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