The Quotable Round Up #6

Hello once again to our Tuesday habit, “The Quotable Round Up”. Before we dive in to the 7 outstanding quotes, I would like to ask for your prayers in various matters. Please pray for my health, salvation of my love ones, our ministry online and offline, people who we are leading to the Lord and our church members. May God grant our prayer request as you join us in our prayers. Here are the 7 quotes for the week:

“The most useful Christian life, therefore, is the one lived near to God.”
–Iain H. Murray

“Assurance is not something that we work for; it is something that we work from. How could we ever overcome the world if we were unsure of our relationship to God?”
–Warren W. Weirsbe

“True prayer is the by-product of our personal “love relationship” with the Father.”
–Warren W. Wiersbe

“Some people think the biblical doctrine of election is unloving. They suggest that because God has not chosen everyone for salvation, only some, then He is not loving. Yet, the very opposite is true. Because God loves, He chooses. Love by nature must be particular, specifically designed for a beloved. To love all the same without discrimination or distinction is to not love at all.”
–Anthony J. Carter

“If we are going to overcome the world, we must abandon the world’s standard for success. We must measure our lives by the things that God holds dear.”
–Warren W. Weirsbe

“If our Lord has looked ahead, he would have seen arrest, conviction, and death on a cross. Humanly speaking, it was defeat; but by faith, he saw it as it really was–victory!”
–Warren W. Weirsbe

“God does not need people or anything else in order to be glorious. He is glorious in himself and eternally self-sufficient. Yet in his grace, he deigned to share his glory with sinful man! And Jesus Christ was willing to lay aside his glory to die so that sinners, all of whom have fallen short of God’s glory (Rom. 3: 23), might receive that glory.”
–Warren W. Wiersbe

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