The Quotable Round Up #2

Happy Tuesday guys! Here’s another dose of quotes from our favorite Christian authors. If this post bless you, please do share it on your social media accounts. Also kindly uplift us in your prayer for our ministries and outreaches in various places God has called us.

“The gospel is C-4 to lukewarm worship.”
–J. A. Medders

“Christians love the Bible not simply for the facts and truths we find, but because the Bible ushers us into the worship of God. We learn more about God. We see God’s awesome love and power. We see the great story of God and his love for rebels. We are thrown at the feet of God and humbled by his grace. And there in the words of God we discover and worship the Word of God—Jesus Christ.”
–J. A. Medders

“If the Bible is the apple of your eye, logically it should be because Jesus is the apple of your eye; a true love for the Bible stems from a Jesus obsession. When the gospel crashes into our lives, what we cherish changes. Plain and simple, Jesus takes the cake. Jesus takes the number one spot.”
–J. A. Medders

“Recall what the gospel says about you: You are new, forgiven, freed, and accepted. God is for you, not against you. Flood your heart with gospel truths and Satan will scram.”
— J. A. Medders

Treasure the Bible because you treasure Christ.”
— J. A. Medders

“All our hurts, hang-ups, disappointments, and struggles do not make up who you are. Only Jesus does. If you are in Christ, you are no longer defined by your sins, whether past, present, or future. Jesus gives you a new identity.”
–J. A. Medders

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