My NCBD 2015 Wishlist

As part of NCBD 2015 Blog Tour, I would like to share my wish list of children’s book I want to read. I’m praying that our local Christian publishers and authors will consider this as a challenge as we Christians are called to be the light of this world through the gospel of Christ.
1. Gospel centered children’s book. Now more than ever we need a presentation of the gospel in children’s books in a clear and explicit way. We should indeed have Bible stories, but these stories are not just stories that we can compare to the children’s stories put out by secular companies. They should always point to the cross. Bible stories should point to the big picture: Jesus Christ died for our sins, the salvation God is offering to the fallen humanity and God’s love for His elect. If we dont then we as Christians missed the point. Let’s also not forget fictional children’s stories should carry this theme.

For more of the gospel please click here:
2. Biographies of Christian missionaries, hymn writers, preachers, theologian, philosophers and prominent figures in Christian history. Would love to see children’s book of John Bunyan, John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, Fanny Crosby, Jim Elliot, William Carey etc., locally produced in English and Tagalog. I like what Hiyas did with Hudson Taylor. Great story and artwork. This biography books for kids is badly needed today. Kids tend to look for heroes. What better way to introduce them to the real heroes that has made an impact to the word with the gospel.
3. Doctrine. Well this will be a very difficult one for any author or publisher. But it is essential for the kids to know about doctrine. Doctrine like Trinity, Salvation, God, ect., explain to the level that kids will understand. I think this will push anyone out of their comfort zone. Also this will be a challenge and a chance to get to the next level of children’s book.

4. Ethical issues. Another challenging topic for authors. Issues like same-sex marriage, abortion, racism, suicide, mercy killing etc. with a Biblical perspective.
5. A children’s book about books and hymns. An extension of the biographies for kids that I have mentioned in number 2. It would be awesome to read the stories behind great Christian books like Pilgrim’s Progress or hymns like All Is Well, why they were wrote and the impact that it made. I would like to add Reformed catechism and Bible translations.
6. A kiddie journal. Sort of like those books by Keri Smith (Wreck this Journal, Tear Up This Book) in which kids are prompted to do things. That will be super fun! I have a couple of idea. To teach kids to evangelism, the journal should have a page that they can tear containing the gospel message. The book can ask to write down a Bible verse to memorize or ask them to write others life verse on the journal.
7. Evangelistic, gospel tract-like children’s book. A book that contains the gospel that adults or kids can giveaway. It should have balance between having filled with fun activities and a serious tone over Jesus sacrifice on the cross. Handy, pocket sized but a little bit thick, colorful, attractive artwork and it comes with a freebie (well like a pen). Make it so good that its hard for kids and adults to let go of it 🙂 Plus it should be inexpensive. I imagine kids and adults alike eager to hand those evangelistic books to children.

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