Book Review: Sa Puso at Diwa by Elizabeth Sonto-Mendoza

Another one of those Achilles’ Heels book review, “Sa Puso at Diwa” is a kinder curriculum published by CLC Philippines. This is out of the usual books CLC publishes but as far as I can tell this is one great curriculum. Mendoza is a veteran in writing textbooks with a Christian view so expect that she knows what children should learn and what teachers should teach.
Using methods like reading, writing and singing, “Sa Puso at Diwa” lets you learn different subjects like English, Math, Filipino and Values. The lesson is easy to be taught and easy to be graps. If the content is polish then the over all design of the book is commendable. Although Mendoza should have put some more biblical stuff, she left some crumbs to compliment the nationalistic side of the book.
Both teachers and student will benefit from this curriculum. The essential stuff that kinder level children is presented in this book. Schools should not look further. Here is a kinder curriculum that will be of great use to shape the minds of the students.


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