Book Review: The Portable Seminary by David Horton (Editor)

Reference book is not my turf in reviewing books, but “The Portable Seminary” blows me away. Not too bulky of a book, this book packs definitive entries that a true seminary carries.

Some contents here reminds me of “Fast Facts…” apologetics book. Enough information to let you grasp the topic but leaves room for you to crave for more. It gives you an overview of what a seminary teaches without giving all of it away. “The Portable Seminary” is not too technical to read that you might think scholars who live in ivory towers can appreciate. An average Christian joe will like this book. The word “seminary” on the title doesn’t equate as being too boring to read. Nor does it mean it will be a complicated smorgasbord of information you need to digest. Catalogue neatly in one volume, this one will not overwhelm you.  In fact I enjoy this book like any other book I read.

With “The Portable Seminary” you can take the seminary anywhere. It is a very useful reference tool for people who want to get much needed information in one book. This book is user-friendly for everyone. One of the best gift you can give to a seminary students and church workers. But for me, you owe to yourself to have a copy of this essential material to equip you. This wont collect dust on your book shelf. Highly recommended!


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